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We are a Company that was born over twenty years. At those times in Portugal the export of footwear market was really in expansion. However we verified that it existed a gap in the same market. The exportations were increasing, but at the same time, the communication with the customers was lost, the familiarity was gone and the quality was decreasing. It was then we changed our segment and we went looking for partners who shared our ideas.Therefore, we give our best in order that the marriage between dream and reality will be enduring and lifelong.


What We Do

Familiarized with different types of shoes constructions, MICADA can offer a flexible and extended service from development to production and quality control. MICADA has the know-how and experience gained from decades working in this area, and his team is prepared to work with our partners, on the best fashion shoe’s factories. Besides footwear our company is able to find also manufacturers of shoes accessories.


Sketches to the finished product

We are Fashion Trading Consultant, specialized in fashion shoes and their accessories- handbags, wallets, belts, etc… We can provide to our partners, our knowledge and experience in the development of prototypes, always looking forward the best factories and materials. We follow the manufacture of the samples, production of the orders and we ensure the best quality control. It means that from the sketches to the final product, we are always there.


Ensure Quality

Being located in a strategic point of communication with factories, we assure our partners the best services. We are daily in contact with the factories, in order to ensure the best product in quality and in time.


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MICADA - Sociedade de Calçado, Lda

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Rua Bispo Dom Florentino Andrade e Silva, nº 198
4520-145 Santa Maria da Feira

GPS Location

40º 55.879’ / 8º 33.325’


+351 961 729 801
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